Professional training platform designed for specialists who want to achieve next level talent!

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"This platform has everything any kicker or punter needs to refine their technique and play at the next level. I think most high school and college coaches will use this too."
Division 1 Head Football Coach

Welcome to Virtual Kicking!

This online platform is specifically designed for specialists who want to take their abilities to the next level. Kickers and punters will have access to professional coaching with a full video library of techniques and drills--all of which is accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone from virtually anywhere. The platform includes a 12-week program for both in-season and off-season training with strength, explosive, flexibility, recovery, and on-field practice plans. Video analysis is also available for individual instruction to each user regardless of where you live. Athletes, parents, and coaches no longer have to watch endless youtube videos to learn how to kick and punt.

Everything you need is right here on this platform!

Athletes who follow this simple and effective plan will see major results in just a few weeks!

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Bigger kicks

In-depth technique videos, drill library & custom practice plans develop results

1-on-1 Professional Coaching

Individual feedback & film analysis with specific drills for faster improvement

Custom Training Program

Designed to improve strength, flexibility, & explosiveness with faster recovery


Access the 500+ video library & training plans from anywhere with any smart device

Proven Results

Training program specially designed to take your kicking skills to the next level

Recruiting Connections

Trusted program for both training college specialists and recruiting next talent

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Justin Duenkel - Kicker
University of Virginia

"Coach Desi Cullen is one of the most influential people in my life. I believe my kicking was transformed after Desi was able to coach me."

Colton Spangler - Punter
University of Maryland

"My son came to Desi after his 10th grade season with raw ability, but after just a few sessions, the results were quite remarkable."

Camden Price - Kicker
University of Miami

"Without Desi, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to kick at the next level."

Coach Lucas - HS Head Coach
O’Connell HS

"This is exactly what every HS coach in America needs to win the kicking game. It’s like having a professional kicking coach on staff at every practice."

Coach Wilson - College Head Coach
Bowie St. University

"VK is a GAMECHANGER for smaller college staffs. The easy-to-follow practice plans, with video examples, saves time & makes it simple for any college team to have success."

Division 1 Special Teams Coordinator
Big 12 Conference

"Every coach & parent will see the value in this platform in just the first week. Everything is professionally done and I have seen the results myself of what it can do to develop specialists."


For the last 10 + years, I have been dedicated to developing a training program for kickers and punters, locally, to help them achieve their dream of playing D1 football. Every year, I have personally helped kickers and punters get recruited to the school of their dreams--many of whom have accepted full scholarships to schools like Notre Dame, Texas, Penn St, Miami, Virginia, V Tech, Louisville, Temple and many more. The key to success is being good, really good, better than everyone else and when the opportunity presents itself, step up and show out. Specialists who used my professional training program don’t need the ranking, because they have the talent, which is developed through a tested program provided to create Division 1 scholarship talent. You wouldn’t know it, but most of them actually signed up with little to no experience kicking a football.

This is what the Virtual Kicking Platform is designed to do - develop results. Until now, this program has been exclusively for local specialists--many of whom have landed a spot on teams across the country. But now, this program...with proven ready for the next level, with a comprehensive technique and drills video library, custom practice plans, flexibility routines, professionally-designed strength program with both power and explosive movements to outkick the competition, a nutrition plan, recovery series and most importantly, individualized instruction through virtual lessons all accessible from any computer, tablet, or smart phone.

High School & College Coaches are now signing up to use this program for their own college specialists. The same success I helped others achieve is the same success I’d like to have with you.

Sign up today because I’m ready to get started! ARE YOU?