Athlete Testimonials

There is no better way to learn about the benefits of our platform then to hear it from the players themselves

Listen to what these college specialists have to say about Virtual Kicking and how it made them better at what they do


Adam Barry – Temple University

“I got more flexible, more stronger”


Sam Renzi – Sacred Heart University

“My field goal height has went up an insane amount along with distance”


Aiden Alves – Liberty University

“Whether it’s your swing or drop or anything, Coach Desi is able to let you know: “Hey, you are doing this wrong. I want to see this a little more”


Kyle Butts – Monmouth University

“You can improve your technique and fundamentals at home without the ball”


Camden Price – University of Miami

“Another thing I like is how easy it is to use”


Connor Madden – James Madison University

“I’ve noticed that this is the fastest I have ever regained my strength and power after a season”


Colton Spangler – University of Maryland

“Coach Desi marks up the entire film I send him, tells me where my drop is and what I need to work on there”


Ethan Chang – The College of William and Mary

“Virtual Kicking is game-changing”


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