Recruiting Dashboard

The Recruiting Dashboard allows families to contact coaches of schools they want to play for… DIRECTLY.  No longer do you have to rely on a  “ranking list” you can share with coaches your player profile, yourself.

Every college staff in America, is available through the recruiting dashboard.

Start getting recruited TODAY!

College Coaches

Recruiting Connection

Virtual Kicking is used by both specialists and coaches, including college coaches.  College coaches have direct access to our exclusive recruiting system. Coaches trust VK to provide film analysis and advice for technique adjustment, and rely on our evaluation to guide their recruiting.

Virtual Kicking evaluates every user’s ability, building an internal list to assist college coaches in recruiting their next specialist.

Colleges who subscribe to Virtual Kicking will get regular updates on potential recruits who use the platform.  Coaches – for recommendations and any questions about recruits, please contact Coach Desi directly at

College Prospect List

Every (DI, DII, DIII,& NAIA) Head Football Coach in the country receives our recruiting list. On the first day of every month we send out an updated prospect list.

Schools include:


High School Athletes

Recruiting Connection

Virtual Kicking builds an internal evaluation list for every user with a desire to play college football.  College coaches have full access to the information anytime.  This evaluation list is reviewed and updated every month to provide the most accurate evaluation for college coaches.  Be sure to upload film to your player profile meeting the correct criteria.  The two types of videos that can be uploaded to the platform for college recruiting is:  game film and running videos with 3 or more kicks/punts.  Users will get emails throughout the year requesting new film with a specific charting script.  This allows the VK staff to give college coaches the most accurate, up-to-date evaluation of potential recruits.  Coaches trust VK and rely on our evaluation to guide their recruiting.


Playing college football at the highest level is the goal for most specialists in middle and high school.  Some specialists will achieve their goal with a full scholarship.  Below are some tips to give yourself the best chance at earning a spot on a college football team.


The timeline for specialists starts later than other positions.  Most specialists start being recruited after their senior season.  For most, it happens fast, from December to February.  Some recruiting happens earlier, but only for the top talent in the country.  Start sending out targeted emails to college coaches and begin following them on social media during your sophomore and junior years.

Realistic Goals

Understand your ability level.  Realistic expectations will save time, money, and frustration through the recruiting process.  Many times young athletes make the mistake of going to BCS Division I camps and sending film and emails to schools for which they are not talented enough to play.

College List

Start building a list of colleges you would like to attend from Division I through Division III.  Things to consider:  academics (major), location, cost, and potential need for your position correlated to your graduation year.


Many specialists believe, “if I’m good enough, then the college will find a way to get me in the school.”  This is not true.  Most schools cannot or will not adjust the academic standards for a specialist.  Instead you should:

  • Have a GPA high enough to qualify for schools you want to attend;
  • Hold test scores (SAT/ACT) high enough to qualify for schools you want to attend; and
  • List other clubs, activities, and community service of which you have been a member or contributed to so you can have an edge on other applicants

Talent Level

To receive a full scholarship to the top school in the country, your talent level must be at the top as well.  The best talent in the country get recruited by the best schools.  You should focus on the following:

  • Develop consistent technique
  • Average kickoffs need to be 75+ yards
  • Consistent field goals inside 55 yards
  • Consistent punts with 4.8sec+ hangtime and 40+ yard distance
  • Perform under pressure (perform well at college camps)

Coaches’ Evaluation

College coaches reach out to many different stakeholders to inquire about potential student athletes.  Thus, you should:

  • Regularly check in with your High School Head Coach about schools you want to play for (Your Head Coach is usually the first contact);
  • Not all private kicking companies are the same (many specialists get recruited without attending private kicking camps); and
  • If you choose to attend a private kicking camp, choose one that you believe will actively work on your behalf to assist in the recruiting process.

Advocate for yourself

  • Send Emails – send monthly emails to coaches on your list of schools. Your email should include updates, GPA/grades, test scores, and most recent film.
  • Social Media – after creating an appropriate username (use your name – make it easy for coaches to find you), begin following and tagging coaches from your list on social media. College coaches mainly use Twitter for communication.  Make sure you enable messaging in your settings so coaches who may not follow you can send you messages.  Your profile should include bullet points with your name, graduation year, position, and most recent link to highlight video.  Mention @Virtualkicking_ in bio to let coaches know you train with us.
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